E-Cat World HHO Experiment/Crowdfunding Proposal [Update: Fundraising Goal Achieved]

I’m pleased to post a proposed experiment sent to me by Alan Smith, the Managing Director of London-based startup Leap Forward Laboratory, Ltd. Leap Forward Lab will move into a permanent home in late summer, but meanwhile Alan has the space and facilities required for this in his own workshop. Alan has had a wide range of experience in the manufacturing and engineering professions — see his LinkedIn profile for details.

What we are really trying to find out here is if there is some kind of unconventional reaction taking place when HHO gas is combined with a catalyzer, as has been suggested a number of experimenters. We are simply trying to get an answer one way or another here.

Alan’s proposal is to carry out an experiment to examine the comparative heat output of two HHO systems, one with simple combustion (naked flame) and the other using catalytic recombination. The proposal is embedded below, along with a download link.

Alan will carry out the proposed experiment if we can raise $500 by April 1, 2014 to cover the cost of the equipment he will need for the experiment, so this will be a crowdfunded project.

If you want to support this effort, please send a contribution via Paypal to me, Frank Acland, at [email protected] If we raise the the total funds needed by April 1, Alan will carry out the experiment. If the fundraising goal is not met by that time, all donations will be refunded, and the experiment will not go forward.

As you will see in the document, Alan is asking for comments on the proposed experiment, and will review all ideas carefully — but will make the final decision on how the experiment will be carried out.

There is a section in the E-Cat World Forum dedicated to the discussion of this project, where Alan will provide updates of progress, and post videos and data. ECW readers are encouraged to participate in the forum to ask questions, provide input, etc. I will provide updates about fundraising progress in the forum space.

Lfl Experiment Proposal HHO by ecatworld

UPDATE: (Feb 27th) I’m pleased to announce that totaling donations actually received, and pledges made here, we have reached the fundraising goal for Alan Smith’s experiment of $500. So far, $405 had been received, and an additional $150 has been pledged and not yet received. I propose that any excess funds received be sent to Alan to cover incidental expenses.

Many thanks to all who have supported this project!