Rossi on the Mood at Industrial Heat

I’ve learned that you’re not going to get much information out of Andrea Rossi if you ask him for details about what he and his team at Industrial Heat LLC are up to, so today, always curious to see what the state of affairs are at IH headquarters, I decided to post a general question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

My question:

“I understand you are not able to provide details of your R&D work, but how would you describe the mood and morale of the Industrial Heat team that you work with these days?”

Rossi’s response:

“Frank Acland:
We are working very hard and very well. The mood is the one of people that believe in the work they do.
Warm regards,

There’s not a lot one can read into such a brief response, but from what Rossi says, the mood sounds positive and businesslike. If his team believes in what they are doing, you would think that they would have good reason to do so. We should remember that the 1MW plant that was shipped from Italy to the USA is probably at work somewhere, and if it is working well it would be a good incentive for the IH team work hard and well, and believe in what they are about.