Italian LENR Open Power Association Claims Direct Electrical Production from Plasma

Thanks to Sanjeev for bringing this to my attention.This is a post that could use some help from our Italian speakers. There are a number of videos on the website for the Italian Open Power Association LENR project which purport to show direct electrical production from a plasma.

The Open Power Association is an organization founded by Ugo Abundo and associates, and is an effort to provide open information about the production of LENR reactors. There are four videos on the page with Dr. Abundo explaining this apparent production of electricity from the Hydrobetatron reactor (formerly known as the Athanor).

Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to understand what Dr. Abundo is saying in these videos. Any help from our Italian speaking readers would be appreciated!

The videos can be found on the main page if you scroll down.

Courtesy Hugo Abundo, Open Power Association