The Earthquake Lightning Mystery — LENR Connection?

I received the following from ECW reader Gordon Docherty.

An article has been published on the BBC web site titled “Clue to earthquake lightning mystery”

From the article:

‘Using a tub of plain kitchen flour, [US scientists] discovered an entirely new physical phenomenon.

‘They announced their findings at the American Physical Society meeting in Denver.

“‘Our first suspicion was this has got to be a mistake. There must be something stupid we are doing,’ said Professor Troy Shinbrot, of Rutgers University, New Jersey.

“‘We took a tupperware container filled with flour, tipped it back and forth until cracks appeared, and it produced 200 volts of charge.

“‘There isn’t a mechanism I know that can explain this. It seems to be new physics’. ” (comment: that’ll please the pathoskeptics 🙂 )

‘Repeat experiments with other granular materials produced the same voltage phenomenon.

‘If it occurs along geological faultlines, sliding and cracking of soil grains could be generating millions of volts of electrostatic charge’

Hmmm…. now, doesn’t that look kind of familiar — a fine grained material subjected to compression waves (a.k.a. phononc waves)? OK, it’s not a whole geological basin, but if the phononic frequency is much increased, the material changed from flour to a metal hydride / metal deuteride (produced by saturating the metal lattice with a pure protium/deteurium cloud), and bombard the result with IR you’ve got yourself the beginnings of an LENR fuel cell.

As the heat releases the protium / deuterium from the metal hydride / metal deuteride, casimir cavities form that are also, as we now see, being subject in addition to micro electrostatic charge bubbles – a collapsing ball lightening bubble traps some of the protium / deuterium causing either fusion or the formation of something akin to a hydrino (depends on how protons / electrons / EM radiation interact).

“Ball lightening was one of those phenomena that was dismissed as impossible not so long ago, yet the evidence is now there for all to see, and the the fundamental characteristics of the “new physics” show many similarities to those being used to describe the many and varied flavours of LENR.

The important message therefore is this: LENR is passing the fractal test – we live in a fractal universe, where a pattern at one scale, repeats at larger and smaller scales. Without that symmetry, the universe would break down, and LENR does not let us down here”

Gordon Docherty