GE Invests Big in Distributed Energy, Combined Heat and Power

Thanks to Greenwin for bringing the following development to my attention.

At an event in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 25th General Electric Company recently announced a program to invest $1.4 billion over the next four years into on-site, or distributed power production, with a focus on the generation of electricity from natural gas power units, and incorporating combined heat and power (CHP) systems in a variety of implementations.

GE released a white paper that explains the program in detail (download required)

In a press release announcing the program, Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO of GE’s Distributed Power business, said,

“With more than 1.3 billion people lacking access to reliable power today, our Distributed Power business is ideally positioned to serve communities in both developing and industrialized countries where we see a growing demand for distributed power solutions to improve local energy security and comply with more stringent environmental regulations. The proliferation of distributed power systems is benefitting people and industries around the world because power is crucial to improving the quality of life and economic development.”

Below is a promotional video from GE that promotes the new program.

A link to a whole series of videos on various applications of GE’s distributed power systems can be seen here.

Many people who have been following the LENR story have long suggested that LENR is the kind of technology that would work very well in distributed power systems — and Andrea Rossi’s industrial strength E-Cat plants would seem well suited for this environment. I would expect that the Industrial Heat team will have taken note of this GE development and may well have made contacts to introduce the idea of using E-Cat power instead of natural gas (or other energy source) in distributed power systems.