Rossi Answers Questions on Independent Test

As we await the publication of the report from the long term testing of the E-Cat by a the third party group that Andrea Rossi has talked about for so long (hopefully to be concluded in the next few weeks), Rossi has answered a few questions about the testing on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

i. Q. The test made in March 2013, reported on Arxive, has given specific experience to the professors, that now surely have corrected and improved their knowledge of the E-Cat: did this create discussions between you and the T.I.P.?

A: no.

ii. Q. did the professors of the third indipendent party that are making the validation test make the set up of the E-.Cat themselves ?

A: yes.

iii.Q. did they bring all the instrumentation to make the measurements?

A: yes.

iv. Q.did thay put also instrumentation that can measure also direct current , if any, consumed by the E-Cat ?

A: yes.

From the answers given above it appears that Rossi has some knowledge of the test setup and equipment involved, although he states that he was not involved in advising the team about the protocols to use. I hope it won’t be too much longer until we get to read the results of this important test — it sounds like there is a lot riding on it from the perspective of Industrial Heat. My guess is that the results of the test will determine how much interest and potential investment and cooperation that IH will receive, and investment and partnerships will be important factors in shaping IH’s industrialization strategy.