Status Report on Alan Smith's HHO Experiment

Here’s the latest from Alan Smith who is getting ready to carry out an experiment (sponsored by kind donations from E-Cat World readers) to try to discover if there is any excess heat generated when HHO gas is recombined in a catalyst like those found in a catalytic converter for an automobile.

I now have the last pieces of the jigsaw — all the polycarbonate, a toughened glass combustion chamber, the thermometers, silicon rubber gaskets and electrolyzer stainless plates, even an aluminium water bottle I found in the local £1 store which can be made into a very adequate gas drier.

By the end of March I shall have finished my current tasks (by dint of working overtime) and be able to begin construction of the components. Although I can’t start the build till then, I find my thoughts (and my YouTube e visits) increasingly turning toward the best designs for each of the component parts the experiment requires.

Some of you may have noticed my email reprinted on Peswiki regarding Sterling’s wish for a ‘rough and ready’ experiment to determine if HHO could yield OU. I was very pleased when the guys from SRI agreed with my misgivings about his methods. Rough and ready will never do when we are talking (possibly) about a truly hot potato like benchtop LENR.

matrix and pendulum 005