Jed Rothwell Submits Essay on Cold Fusion for Contest

Thanks to Gerard McEK for bringing this to my attention.

Long-time cold fusion advocate and researcher Jed Rothwell has written an essay as an entry in a contest sponsored by, an organization which “catalyzes, supports, and disseminates research on questions at the foundations of physics and cosmology.” The spring essay contest is open until April 18th, and contestants are asked to respond to the question, “How should humanity steer the future?”

Jed’s essay is titled “Cold fusion may have revolutionary potential”, and he provides an excellent overview of the topic, citing important studies that confirm the effect, including experiments sponsored by Amoco, Toyota and Elforsk (Levi et al’s E-Cat test). The covering such topics as practical applications for cold fusion (suitable for power production, indoor farming, desalination, transportation, etc.) He also mentions that cold fusion could be used for nefarious purposes.

The essay concludes with a quote from an earlier article Rothwell has written, saying:

“The ultimate purpose of cold fusion, or any technology, is to give people the freedom to do for themselves, take charge of their lives, and make themselves happy or miserable. The immediate goal of cold fusion should be to restore life back to some semblance of what it was before the population boom and the dark satanic mills of industrialization took hold. Of course some people prefer cities and dark satanic nightclubs, but I hope most will choose to live close to nature. Except they will have full access to television, the Internet, grocery stores, hospitals and all other modern conveniences and necessities. I am not suggesting anyone should go “back to nature” and live in primitive conditions, unless they want to. People should live in harmony with nature, not disturbing it more than they need to, but never again should anyone have to live at nature’s mercy.”

The essay can be read in pdf format here.Readers can read and discuss all essays submitted to the contest at this link: