Rossi: E-Cat Testing not yet complete

As we approach the end of March there is inevitably a growing interest in the status of the 3rd party long-term test on the E-Cat that Andrea Rossi has said in the past could be concluded this month. Rossi has just made a statement in response to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics saying that as of right now (March 17, 2014), the testing has not ended:

Andrea Rossi
March 17th, 2014 at 2:27 AM
Eernie 1:
1- the experiment is not finished yet
2- I do not think it will take more than a month to the end, but this is a supposition of mine, maybe wrong
3- The publication of the report will be made, indipendently from the results, positive or negative as they might be. I cannot know when. I will have the report before the publication, but I do not know if I will be authorized to make it public: I signed an NDA, valid for all the participants, in which is written the engagement not to make public any information before the publication of the Report.
Warm Regards,

While the testing is not over, Andrea Rossi has made some statements lately indicating that he has some knowledge of the details of the setup involved in the test. For example, he has said that the professors involved have been taking steps to avoid some of the criticisms that were made in the last test, such as electronically insulating the frame which is holding the hot cat, and setting up equipment that will be able to measure any DC input power (Rossi says there is none).

It’s looking likely that even if the test winds up in the next couple of weeks, that we’ll have to wait until April, or maybe later, for the report to be published.