Rossi Provides a Few Details of Industrial Heat's Departments

Andrea Rossi is often quite opaque when it comes to revealing details about what’s going on in his work on the E-Cat, but sometimes he provides a glimpse about what is going on behind the scenes. Today he responded to a question about the state of the work in progress:

Koen Vandewalle:
We must put a distinction between products that are ready ( and products that are in the horizon of the future ( for example jet engine applications).
R&D covers both categories, but with a different approach, as you correctly write. Our lab facilities are complex, we have a data measurement section, a radiation measurement section, a prototype manufacturing section, an electronic systems invention section and a new materials preparation section: sometimes we have to invent materials that are not for sale.
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The different divisions of labor described here suggest that there is a lot of work going on at Industrial Heat’s facilities, and there will need to be workers with a variety of skills to successfully carry out the duties described. The idea of inventing materials is very intriguing — it indicates there could be quite a sophisticated understanding of the reactions involved in the E-Cat, which require precisely manufactured materials/parts to work effectively.