Clean Planet CEO Yoshino Makes Impact at MIT Conference Presenting Mizuno's LENR Research

Clean Planet, a Japanese startup has emerged as a possible leading LENR company after a presentation by the company’s CEO Hideki Yoshino at the LENR Colloquium at MIT. Mr. Yoshino gave a presentation about the work of Tadahiko Mizuno titled “Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles”. Mizuno participated in the presentation via Skype.

I am not very familiar with Mizuno’s work, and slides or videos of the presentation have not yet been released, but some reports of the presentation have been posted on vortex-l. Here is what Steve High, an attendee at the meeting wrote about the presentation:

First Saturday afternoon presenter was Mizuno being represented by a young Japanese scientist [Hideki Yoshino]. Their reactor : nickle mesh surface prepped by exposure to plasma discharge. Reactor consists of prepped nickel mesh heated by resistance with pressurized deuterium gas. The device able to measure the composition of gases by atomic number in real time. Results: 1) excess heat as soon as deuterium pumped in ie no loading needed. 2) 75 watts excess heat over thirty five days. 3) gas composition monitored during run (as atomic number): 4 (D 2) progressively decreased 3 (?tritium- they couldn’t say) rose and fell as an intermediate product, 2 (that would be H2 or atomic D) rose as the final product.

Also on vortex-l, Jones Beene wrote:

Brian Ahern [who also presented at the MIT meeting] told me that this was the potentially the most important presentation he saw this day, not only for the present results (10s of watts) but because the next two planned iterations at 1 kW and 10 kW where not only imagined but actually shown in pictures as prototypes, indicating that they were near the testing stage.

An LENR system that can produce killowatts of excess heat brings it into the commercial arena, and it could be that Clean Planet, using Muzino’s technology, are going to be a significant player in the LENR marketplace. One area in which they are currently ahead of Industrial Heat LLC, is that they have a web site(!) which gives some basic information about the company and its personnel.

For more information about the Mizuno LENR system, see here for a poster created by Jed Rothwell.