H-Cat Resonance Puzzle

Here’s a video that I found interesting and thought I’d put it up here to see if anyone has any ideas about what might be going on. Thanks to David for sharing this. The video is from an H-Cat experimenter named Peter Bannister, who discovered in the course of putting together a h-cat system in which catalysts are placed in a metal pipe, that a strong resonance effect is found after the catalysts reach a certain temperature.

The effect was discovered completely by accident, and interestingly, the effect continues for five minutes or so after he turns off gas flow to his system. I was thinking that maybe the gas flow into the metal pipe was creating an organ pipe-like effect, but the effect seems to be coming from the catalyst itself.

The video is quite long — it begins with a demonstration of the resonance effect, then Peter backtracks and takes us through the details of the setup, and shows the steps he took to get the resonance. I thought this would be a nice brain-teaser for ECW readers!