Will there be an Industrial Heat Press Conference? [Updated]

March 2014 has come to an end — the month in which Andrea Rossi stated he thought the extended E-Cat test might be concluded — and so far there’s no indication that it has come to an end. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics he is emphasizing the need for patience, so maybe it’s a good time for E-Cat watchers to enjoy the spring weather (if you have any) and find something enjoyable to do to pass the time a bit. I’m as eager as the next person to find out what the results will be, but realize there’s nothing I can do to hasten the process.

Today, Rossi was asked whether there would be a press conference to announce the results of the test, and his response was:

“Only if there will be a demand for it. In this case, it will be held either the results will be positive or negative for us, for intellectual honesty.”

The statement to me is not clear. The first sentence says that a conference might be held, depending on demand; the second sentence states that it will be held, whatever the results of the tests might be.

To my mind, I would say that the test results deserve a press conference. If the results are positive, and the E-Cat can run stably for six months producing excess heat in useful quantities, why would you not want to publicize that — especially if you are planning to launch an industrialization campaign, and are looking to promote your product. It would be a major scientific and technological breakthrough with important implications, so certainly something worthy of a press conference.

On the other hand, if the test results are negative — and the E-Cat didn’t perform well, or if there was some kind of malfunction of failure — if Rossi and Industrial Heat are concerned about intellectual honesty, I think they should step forward and lay all their cards on the table. Of course that would be negative publicity, but I think it’s better for a serious corporation to come clean rather the obfuscate or hide.

I realize that most people around the world are not paying attention to this story, and so probably don’t care one way or another. I doubt that too many people are beating on the doors at Cherokee HQ in Raleigh demanding a press conference. But I think when the report is published it would a smart move for Rossi and Industrial Heat to hold one — and I hope I get an invitation 🙂


I made the following comment on the JONP:

I believe that it would be a great service to the general public if the publication of the report was accompanied by a press conference. I hope you and the Industrial Heat team will hold one, whatever the results of the report are

Rossi responded:

Your assessment is relevant.

A bit of an obscure response, but maybe he means that they are considering doing a press conference.