Passerini: E-Cat Test Completed, Results 'Remarkable' [Update: Rossi Comments]

Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding this comment from Italian Blogger Daniele Passerini who posted the following message on his site.

Sources that I used to draw are now depleted, new sources (Italian, Bolognese but not) tell me that the report is completed and the performance certificate cat Rossi is remarkable!

Here’s the link to the comment itself — original in Italian:

Reading Mats Lewan’s book we learn that Passerini is a close friend of Giuseppe Levi, who was involved in last year’s test — but Passerini specifically states here that he has new sources for this piece of information and not anyone from Bologna, which is where Levi works. So maybe Levi isn’t involved this time.

Anyway, it’s interesting to get a scrap of information at least!


Andrea Rossi just posted the following response to this comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“To the Readers:
I have been informed that around some blogs there are “rumors”, “whispers”, “innuendos”, “voices” et similia about the results of the long term experiment made by the Third Indipendent Party. I can guarantee that these noises are just certified stupidities. I myself do not know what is in the data collected by the Professors, and they did not give me a bit of such data. They have retrieved the hard disks to avoid any possible manipulation and demanded that everybody who attended the test had to sign a very strict NDA about the fact that no bit of information can be given to anybody before the publication of the report. Such report will be made indipendently from the results, which could be positive or negative. As a consequence of this, any noise made by “rumors, whispers, voices” and acustics of various kind, coming from “Italian” or whatsoever source,are nothing but useless air displacement operated by idle tongues.
The results will be given first to me 3 days before the publication to give us the time to organize a defense in case of negative output, then they will be published so that everybody interested will have them.
Warm Regards,