Rossi: Working on Miniaturized E-Cat Reactors in R&D Labs

An interesting comment by Andrea Rossi has been posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today in response to a suggestion from a reader named Mark who proposed the idea of ‘antibiotic pill’-sized E-Cat reactors that could be heated to meltdown temperatures, and safely explode in a sealed chamber attached to a heat exchanger at a rate of one per second.

I think Mark’s idea is that with tiny reactors you wouldn’t have to worry about controlling the reaction — just let them get to maximum temperature, melt down, and have them vaporize.

Rossi replied:

Your idea is good, the actual turning it into a prototype raises many difficulties; we are working also upon the idea of miniaturized reactors in the context of our R&D program, though. You got a point.
Warm Regards,

It’s interesting to me that small reactors are now being worked on. For quite a while it seemed that Rossi has been focusing on larger scale energy production — for industrial purposes, specifically. I am sure that is their focus for the first series of commercial products. But it is entirely logical that in doing R&D that all kinds of permutations of the technology would be being explored — and there are many applications in which miniature E-Cats would be very desirable — especially for things like domestic and transportation settings.

Rossi says that he is very worried and afraid with regards to the results of the long-term testing, but it also sounds like business as usual is going on at IH headquarters with development of the technology.

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