Update from Alan Smith on ECW HHO Experiment

Here’s an update from Alan Smith about the HHO-Catalyst experiment that E-Cat World is sponsoring. I’m happy to say that Alan tells me that he is ahead of his expected schedule with this project, and hopes to have the experiment completed by the end of April.

Below is a quick shot of calorimeter with thermometers and stirrer speed control installed – in a stand-off panel so the insulation fits beneath.

Below are the two different inserts for the combustion chamber inside the calorimeter. The one with the copper top has a catalyst insert sitting on top of ceramic wadding (kindly supplied by Neal Ward from the HHO Forum). The other one — with the wadding inside (what was) a steel and glass fuel filter body now filled with fiber is the ‘naked flame’ assembly. The idea is that they are ‘swappable’, as they have the same fittings onto the gas line. Both these units will stay dry inside the jar within the water bath. Attached to the copper tube on the right is the plastic connecting pipe to the HHO supply.

There is no wadding inside the fuel filter on the left hand side since there is a good layer of wadding below the catalyst chunk. The wadding is the flashback preventer and gas diffuser.

Alan Smith