Rossi: E-Cat 'Reliability has been Reached' [Update: E-Cat Has 'Never Stopped']

I followed up with Andrea Rossi on the comment yesterday about the E-Cat test being made in a neutral place (not Italy or the USA), and that they had shipped the E-Cat to the testing venue. I asked whether one or more E-Cats had been sent, and he responded that they had sent three reactors “as spare parts, but (this I can say) we did not have breaks or malfunctions, so far, so the spare parts are intact.”

I responded again saying I was glad that the first reactor has worked as intended and that he must be pleased about that. His response was, “Yes, the reliability has been reached.”

All this makes me wonder how the test results could be anything but positive, if the reactor has been working reliably — ie. stably and consistently over many months, as it was designed to operate. Of course we don’t know about the actual performance of the E-Cat under test, but if hadn’t worked as planned they would have presumeably moved to reactor #2 or #3.

Taking Rossi at his word (I don’t see any reason not to) this seems to bode well for the report — of course, subject to confirmation.

UPDATE: In a more recent comment Rossi says, “The Hot Cat under examination from the third indipendent party has never been stopped and it run continuously with no interruptions of sort.”