World Events Highlight Need for New Energy Sources

Recent world news reports highlight the importance of energy in today’s world — and specifically how a clean and abundant energy source like LENR could play a dramatic role in changing the landscape dramatically.

The first area where energy is playing a major role is the Ukraine-Russia crisis, where gas supplies are playing a central role. Russia has raised the price that it is charging Ukraine for natural gas, and Ukraine says it refuses to pay those rates. Without payment, Russia will likely cut off supplies to Ukraine — and this could affect Europe significantly, as much Russian gas is piped to Europe via pipelines running through Ukraine.

There is discussion in Europe now whether the gas flow to Ukrainian pipelines can be reversed so that Ukraine can be supplied with gas from European countries rather than Russia. Russia has made assurances that gas supplies to its European customers will not be affected.

The second major news event comes from the United Nations, where the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a new report which calls for the end of reliance on carbon-producing energy sources to prevent world temperatures from climbing by 2 C by the end of this century. The IPPC recommends massive increases in the use of carbon-free energy production technologies, like solar, wind, and nuclear fission to reach their goals.

In both cases cited here, viable LENR would have a major impact. Many countries are obviously uncomfortable relying on non-domestic sources of energy, especially when political and economic relations with countries supplying their energy are precarious. On the other hand, countries like Russia, whose economy is largely dependent on petroleum sales, could find their influence and prosperity significantly diminished if LENR was implemented on a large scale among countries that buy their energy products.

At the United Nations, it seems that LENR is not even a blip on the IPCC’s radar — yet it could be a technology that would have a critical impact on the amount of carbon produced, and could go a long way to helping achieve the goals set forward for emissions reduction.

So far, the world by and large is ignorant of the role that LENR could play in dramatically altering the energy landscape — but once the realization grows of the advantages of LENR, forces at play in the world could provide the impetus for a call of widespread adoption of this new energy source.