Private LENR R&D requires permit in Germany?

I thought this was a point that readers here might find interesting. A few weeks ago ECW reader ‘hunfgerh‘ made a comment here that in Germany private experimentation of LENR reactors was forbidden. Today the same poster has more specific saying:

Authorities people from the area of atomic energy act have threatened me with a report to police. For this they could use the term “Nuclear facility”. (Fusion can only made in a “Nuclear facility”). For the operation of a “Nuclear facility” in Germany a permit is necessary. The approval process is very complicated and long. I gave up.”

It’s not clear from the poster exactly what kinds of experimentation, he/she has been doing — whether radioactive or other restricted materials have been involved. It would be interesting to get more details — but if LENR research does indeed require a permit, this is some kind of tacit admission that LENR is a nuclear process — something that has not been seen (as far as I am aware) from any government agency.

Are any of our German readers able to shed more light on this situation? Restricting private experimentation into LENR in an entire nation (especially an advanced economy like Germany) could really dampen scientific progress in this field — and if other countries followed suit in placing restrictions on LENR it could become a major issue for this field of research.