The Industrial Heat Web of Connections includes GE, Others

Thanks to Mr. Moho for the following post which provides a feasible link between Industrial Heat LLC, and GE. The Tom Darden patent for a distributed energy system mentioned in a post here yesterday lists the co-inventor as James Kevin (Jim) Syperski, who is CEO of a Raleigh, North Carolina company called Power Generation Services, Inc., which describes itself as “a turnkey provider of managed energy services for Distributed Generation and Distributed Energy Resources to Market Participants, Municipal Power Agencies, Cooperatives, and commercial customers in North America.” Earlier this year PGS announced that GE had made a ‘strategic investment’ in the company, as part of its commitment to developing distributed energy systems.(

In a comment on the previous thread Mr. Moho provides some useful and interesting connections below:

“On that Cobraf forum thread about Rossi a user posted a cropped Rossi/IH social network graph, here:…

“It appears that GE might be more related to them than one would think:…

“I guess the GE link came from this press release posted by another user:

“Darden’s daughter works there, apparently:  (she got recently married and changed her last name to Wooten. Again, this info is from Cobraf and there’s a source for it:

“Furthermore, if you look at the bottom of the Thomas Darden patent linked here on ECW:

“And here too (as linked on Cobraf):

“You can see that the patent owner is “Causam Energy, Inc”. They (and its CEO Joseph Forbes, one of the listed inventors) own a number of patents on distributed energy generation.

“In their website here:

“They also list “GE Digital Energy” and “Power Generation, Inc.” as their customers”.

While we can’t know who knows what about the E-Cat, and how involved they are, it’s clear that Tom Darden is a very well connected person within the energy industry, and I would imagine he will be exploring ways to make use of these connections in furthering Industrial Heat’s goals for the E-Cat. Also, the Industrial Heat press release announcing it’s acquisition of the E-Cat invited companies and organizations interested in partnering with IH to get in touch. Who knows what kind of response they have had to that invitation.