Steorn CEO: On the Road Demoing Never-die Battery

I’m continuing with my Steorn watch here. About the only news about the company these days comes from CEO Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook postings — and usually they are not very detailed.

Today McCarthy posted: “Two weeks on the road demoing the never die battery and I could use a recharge myself – last one, roll on Friday” — and showed the following photo:


Someone responded with a question to McCarthy about whether he could post video of one of these demos on YouTube, and he replied:

“We are not videoing these demos, they are pretty hands on – probably get something out in a wee while”

I followed up with a question: What kind of response are you getting from the people you give these demos to, Shaun?

He responded: “Other than ‘what took you so long’ the response has been brilliant.”

That’s all for now. It would be good to get some kind of confirmation that these demos are actually taking place. The photo seems legitimate, but not very interesting or informative. I realize that there is a lot of skepticism out there regarding Steorn’s claims, but I’ve learned enough over the years to keep me interested and watch with an open mind, and will continue to follow developments here.