More Progress on Alan Smith's HHO Experiment Setup [Updated]

Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory Ltd. provides his latest update on the experimental setup he is building for his experiment with HHO gas/Catalyzer that ECW is sponsoring.

UPDATE: This is the latest from Alan

HHO Calorimetry Experiments still moving forward. This the (almost) complete system, waiting for some more hook-up tubing. Electrolyzer and a Polycarbonate blast protector. Gas production and gas-drier (orange cylinder) on the right of the shot and immersion calorimetry tank on the left. Tomorrow plan to make the first ‘set-up video’ working through the system item by item, from ‘water in’ to ‘warmth out’.

This is the ‘HHO’ generator build underway for the calorimetry experiments sponsored by E-Cat World. Awaiting the ‘bubbler’ stage which will sit on top of the electrolyzercell shown. The bubbler allows the gas bubbles and the electrolyte (KOH+ water) to separate one from t’other. Gas comes up through the holes in the recessed top-plate of the cell, and any electrolyte carried over can return the same way. This is not a ‘high-efficiency wet cell’ but designed to be a versatile unit capable of reasonable output. 5 ‘316’ stainless plates around 6″x6″ (15x15cms) means plenty of surface area, and reasonable spacing between plates allow plenty of space for free movement of gases and liquids inside the cell. Progress took a bit of a knock this last few days -family matters had to take priority – but we will soon be back on track to start the experiments into the comparitive calorimetery of ‘HHO’ naked flame combustion as against catalytic re-combination. Alan Smith calorimeter 003 calorimeter 005