Tom Darden Attends Launch of Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China

Thanks to Julian Becker for sharing a link to this article from the China Daily web site which reports about the official opening of the Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China on April 14th. Of interest to E-Cat World readers might be that Tom Darden of Cherokee Investment Partners, and Industrial Heat is reported as being in attendance and speaking.

We had quite a lot of discussion about Tom Darden’s earlier visit to China this winter when we first discovered the involvement of Cherokee and Industrial Heat with the E-Cat. Last year he and other Industrial Heat investors visited with business and government officials and there were discussions about the Baoding Innovation Park, and it seems from this recent event that things have gone smoothly and that Industrial Heat is still involved with their project.

Baoding is a major industrial city in China, just an hour or so from Beijing and already home to the ‘Baoding High-tech Industrial Development Zone’ (HIDZ) established in 1992. The HIDZ is already a home for major solar and wind industries, and it seems that this new park will continue the Chinese emphasis on developing hi-tech energy industries — perhaps now with Industrial Heat’s involvement a manufacturing base for E-Cat plants.