Rossi: IH Unable to Replicate LENR from Competitors' Patents

We’re under quite an information blackout from Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat these days — there will apparently be no major news about technological or commercial progress until the Third Independent Party report is published — we hope by the end of June. I don’t think this news means that nothing is going on — probably quite the contrary, actually.

Andrea Rossi did mention early this morning that one of the activities going on at IH headquarters. In response to a question about what he was working on, and whether Rossi was concerned about the growing number of patents that were being published by potential competitors:

He,he,he, yes I am working and casually online in this moment to check the JoNP’s blog ( I can do this now and again, when I have some relax). We are working very well with our R&D in this period. But it is not 3.30, it is 3.03 a.m. In this very moment I am working on the gas fueled E-Cat prototype.

About the question: we are replicating all the experiments published from our competition, reproducing exactly what written in the patent applications or patents that are published. We are doing this work, with two our specialists, to check the worth ( the real worth) of our competition. Honestly, no results came out which could confirm the claims. So far. Obviously, the History teaches that sooner or later the competition will be born, but not so far, albeit we are not aware of the R&D of our potential competition whose results are not published.

It’s interesting that IH is putting so much of its technical resources in trying to replicate competitors’ technology — which sounds like a preemptive move to get ready to defend its own patent positions (although so far there is no E-Cat patent except in Italy). Perhaps the results of the the independent testing will be used by IH in a push for patent approval — and the apparent lack of results from competitors’ patents will be used to strengthen the IH case.

I note that Rossi is being realistic in regards to the long-term outlook with regards to competition. I imagine that they fully expect at some point that competition will catch up, and they will surely be trying to prepare for a time when they are not at the head of the pack — which is apparently the position they seen themselves in at the moment.