About the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)

I have noticed some discussion on various web sites about a product called the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) — and haven’t looked into it in much detail at all. Since it maybe of interest to some here, I thought I would repost a comment by ECW reader Fortyniner who provides some information and links about the QEG for readers’ consideration and comments:

A group calling itself ‘Fix the World’ is claiming to have built working ‘free energy’ generators, based on an 1894 Tesla motor-generator patent. The machine is called the “Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)” developed by electronics engineer James M. Robitaille, and his group have just released a full set of build plans for the device into the public domain.


There is the usual YouTube demo video which I would normally ignore, but the release of full instructions for building the generator make this a bit different from the usual run of claims. The video claims to show how a community in Morocco built a working unit in only 3 days.



The claim is that this machine directly derives from Tesla’s free power device that J P Morgan squashed, when he realised that it would be the end of his power business. For some reason this does not feel like a hoax, but of course it could be a fundraising sc*m (donations are being actively requested).