Infinite Energy Publishes Reviews of Mats Lewan's 'An Impossible Invention'

In its most recent issue Infinite Energy magazine has published numerous reviews of the recently released book An Impossible Invention written by Mats Lewan. A number of the reviewers are well known to followers of the LENR story, others are less familiar.

There are reviews by Christy Frazier, Michael McKubre, Jed Rothwell, Brian Josephson, and Jim Dunn. All speak well of the book and talk about the importance of the subject matter. I think it is fair to say that Mats Lewan has done an excellent job in making the sometimes long and winding road of cold fusion history comprehensible, and also has shown that there is convincing evidence for the reality of the LENR effect, and specifically for the reality of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat.

I would like to include here some words from Michael McKubre’s review. McKubre is one of the most experienced and credible researchers who has worked with cold fusion/LENR over the years, and I find his statments almost always carry important weight. He writes:

I have not met either Andrea Rossi or Mats Lewan. Having read An Impossible Invention in virtual form “from cover to cover,” I see that was a mistake . . . Lewan makes the case, I believe convincingly, that Andrea Rossi has ushered in the nuclear renaissance that Sidney Kimmel anticipated when he established SKINR [The Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at the University of Missouri]. Obviously we must be capable of learning from others—the issue is who to trust. By allowing me to trust the author and man Mats Lewan, his book clearly demonstrates that Essén, Focardi, Kullander, Stremmenos, and thus Rossi, can be trusted at least in the matter of his “Impossible Invention.” The experimentalist in me fidgets to make measurements— which I would still love to do—but the proof of this pudding will be in working and useful technology that will provide all necessary impetus to backtrack the science.

Following the reviews is an interview with Mats Lewan. The reviews and interview can be read here: