On the Industrial Heat China Connection

The news about Industrial Heat Tom Darden visiting China last month and participating in the establishment of the Nickel Hydrogen Energy Research Center has been very intriguing, and it’s a shame we have to rely largely on imperfect computer-translated articles for our information. And even in China, information about what went on is hard to find.

Thanks to AlainCo for finding another mention of this event on a forum on the xinhuanet.com website. The original post in the thread reads (Google translated):

“China Tianjin NiMH (cold fusion) research center was established in Tianjin, China Nickel Metal Hydride (cold fusion) Research Center on April 16 in Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park was established, Tom Darden, president of the American Industrial Heat attended the inaugural ceremony, the company was Rossi E – Cat manufacturing company. Attended the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as hospital Zhao Gang (transliteration) researcher”

Even though there is not much information about it, I think the fact that this event took place is very significant. It shows that Tom Darden must have plenty of confidence in E-Cat technology. Whether he has seen the results of the 3rd party testing is debatable, but he will certainly know about how internal testing at Industrial Heat is going. Andrea Rossi has stated that R & D at IH is on going, data is being recorded and patent applications are being filed. I would think that Darden will have been well-briefed about performance of the E-cats under test, and must feel comfortable enough to start working on business deals and cooperative agreements.

I’m hoping that Industrial Heat will respond to inquiries I have sent asking for some more details about the recent activities in China.