Mats Lewan: Defkalion 2013 Demo 'Proven Not to be Reliable'

Mats Lewan has written a new post on his web site about last year’s demonstration put on by Defkalion Green Technologies in Milan where they live streamed video of one of their Hyperion reactors purportedly demonstrating the production of excess heat.

The post includes information from Luca Gamberale, formerly Chief Technology Officer of Defkalion Europe who explains to Lewan that the output heat measurement was erroneous based on the way the experiment was set up. In a report detailing his concerns about the experiment, Gamberale concludes:

“Despite the importance of the findings, DE has decided to give DGT some time to provide unequivocal evidence that the DGT technology was immune to the criticisms raised by DE. However after several months and despite continuous and constant request to provide the relevant documentation and/or to repeat the experiment, no answer has been given so far. DE has now been put out of business. Consequently, I decided to make public the results obtained on the DGT technology stating that the experimental protocol proposed by DGT is not trustworthy.”

Lewan has been in touch with Defkalion CEO Alex Xanthoulis, who does not dispute the findings of the report, but does insist that the technology is valid, and that temperature measurements on the bare reactor show that excess heat is being generated. There are two spreadsheets included in the report provided by Defkalion to Gamberale showing data from measurements on a bare reactor.

Xanthoulis also told Lewan  that five contracts have been signed with potential partners, but no money had yet changed hands. He stated that the development of a new reactor is ‘on track’ in the next months reactors would be sent to a Canadian certifying body.