Update from the MFMP

I received the following update from Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

We’ll be running a series of blog posts from our team members old and new over the next few weeks on practical research methods for LENR and making of reaction matrix. This will be reporting on recent works by team members old and new.

On the live front, Mathieu has started the improved differential cells calibration in France and it is going very nicely and we hope to finally have the Steel and Glass cells up and running in the next week or two – we will be posting updated photos on those very soon.

Here is the first of the blogs.

MFMP powder team member Bob Higgins, writes a how-to blog on production of his reaction matrix. Made from nano-micrometric catalytic clusters of Nickel and Fe2O3, this material aims to be robust, easy to handle and not exhibit the many difficulties seen with nano powders on their own, such as lofting, ease of toxic exposure, rapid damage to vacuum equipment, etc.