Blacklight Power Explosively Detonating H2O (Video)

This post (edited) was submitted by JD Sweeney.

The following video takes a bit of explanation to understand why it’s significant.

What’s shown, according to Blacklight Power’s CEO Randell Mills, is the SF-CIHT fuel going through the detonation process for a *second* time, after undergoing nothing but re-hydration. Thus, Mills is showing that the active element in his energetic process is water. We are left with the impression that Mills has found a way to explosively detonate H2O.

Haters still gotta hate, but if Rossi’s camp is providing blow-by-blow video coverage of their development process I must have missed it.

BLP’s description of the video from YouTube is as follows:

A very small quantity of highly conductive H2O-based solid fuel powder was loaded in to a hopper and gravity fed into the auger overhead of the rollers that were electrified with about 5V, 15,000A. The high current flow ignited the gravity fed fuel to produce 0.5 ms pulses of brilliant light having power and power densities of one million watts and 100 billion watts per liter, respectively. White light shows that the plasma is the same temperature as the Sun. The optical power can be converted to electricity using commercially available solar cells. See other posted electricity producing demonstration videos.