The E-Cat Report: Who Needs to Know?

If the report we are anticipating on the long-term E-Cat testing turns out to be well done, and contain positive results — i.e. it clearly demonstrates the viability of the E-Cat as a superior source of energy — then I think it will be an immensely important document that should be widely reported about and studied.

So here’s something I would like to propose we can do as a community of concerned readers. If the report is positive and the results are significant I would like to make contact with people around the world who write about science and technology, and inform them of the test results. My idea would simply be to provide them with a a little background about the E-Cat, a short overview of the test and a link to the report, and leave it at that. The results, if positive, should speak for themselves. If the results are negative (as we are told they may be), I don’t see there would be much point in sending out the mailing.

What I’d like to ask of E-Cat World Readers, is if they could help in the compilation of a list of people you think should be contacted — people who might be interested in the results, and who you think there would be a chance that they might write about the report to their audiences.

I am thinking primarily of people who communicate to the public about science and technology matters — authors, journalists, bloggers, etc. I suppose other public figures could be included. I will leave that up to the judgment of readers here.

Below is a form you can use to submit your suggestions:

The results will be compiled in the form of a spreadsheet that I can use to make a mailing list.

I think it might be useful to do little E-Cat activism — many thanks in advance to all!