An Onion-Cat?

I’m wondering if Andrea Rossi may have been dropping some hints about a new E-Cat configuration in some recent posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Recently Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the JONP, wrote:

You referred to the “Mouse and Cat” design for eCat control. The Mouse provides stability, runs part of the time with a relatively low effective COP. The Cat provides the large amount of output power and spends portions of its time in a self-sustaining mode. Surely you must have considered a “Mouse, Cat and Tiger” configuration. Where the Cat controls the Tiger.

1. Can you address this possible configuration?
2. Would stability be an issue?
3. Could not the “Mouse and Cat” subsystem be considered a “Big Mouse” to the Big Cat (Tiger)?

Andrea Rossi replied:

Steven N. Karels:
1- I cannot give this information until the product is on the market
2- see point 1
3- would a man with 5 balls be considered a pin-ball?
Warm Regards,

Rossi didn’t deny that this idea was a possible configuration — just that he couldn’t provide information. His response to question 3 is very obscure and I couldn’t figure out what he was referring to until I got a clue in another recent exchange today when another reader, Sylvio Caggia wrote:

Dear Steven N. Karels,
Hands off “my” onion-cat!

To which Rossi replied:

Silvio Caggia:
That’ s pre- divulgation!
Warm regards

This reference to an ‘onion-cat’ goes back to and idea discussed on the JONP a long while back, where you have a succession of E-Cats set inside one another in a succession of ‘cat and mouse’ configurations. Rossi’s response about ‘pre-divulgation’ seems to me it might be a hint that the onion cat might indeed be a design — and I’m now wondering if the 5-balls comment of Rossi above might refer to a 5-skinned onion-cat, or some cascading kinds of E-Cats building on the concept of a cat and mouse configuration where a smaller reactor feeds a larger one.

Very cryptic stuff here from Rossi, and I admit this is total speculation on my part — but thought I’d bring it up here since we are in a rather quiet news period.