Mats Lewan Responds to Swedish National Radio Reporting on Rossi, CF

Mats Lewan, reporter for Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, and author of the recently published book An Impossible Invention, has written a response to the three part Sveriges Radio program that was aired this week Andrea Rossi and cold fusion.

Lewan does not spend a lot of time trying to defend himself, or Andrea Rossi in this review — but he does point out that the reason he has followed this story from the early days of Rossi is because of the quality of scientific evidence in favor of the technology. Lewan reserves most of his criticism for the position taken Ulrika Björkstén, head science editor at Sveriges Radio, who hired freelance journalist Marcus Hansson to do this piece.

But the main focus I have chosen is another, reflecting the title of the book, discussing what is considered to be impossible and asking why more resources aren’t dedicated to investigating this strange phenomenon that could possibly change the world, providing clean water and clean air, saving millions of lives and solve the climate crisis.

Not because I wish this to be true, but because there are abundant scientific results indicating that the phenomenon might be real.

It’s insane that curious researchers are hesitating to enter this field for fear of ruining their careers (yes Björkstén, this is why most of them are old), and it’s insane that poorly researched media reports like this help scientific critics to continue attacking those researchers.

It seems that Lewan’s main concern is that one of the main reasons that people avoid getting involved in researching in the LENR field, or even mentioning it in a serious light is that it has the label of being pseudoscience, and those who are involved in it are considered to be gullible and easily manipulated by those considered arch-deceivers like Andrea Rossi. He says that it’s this non-scientific attitude that serves to retard developments in science and technology, and this affects the whole world, as important inventions are not brought to light that could benefit us all.