Rossi Preparing E-Cat Plant with New Motto: In Mercato Veritas (In the Market is Truth)

A new tone has been struck this month by Andrea Rossi who has started to discuss that he is totally focused on preparing a 1 MW E-Cat plant — apparently getting it ready for public revelation. He has also adopted a new motto: In Mercato Veritas, which I translate to mean ‘In the Market is Truth’. He has always said that the public would only be convinced of the reality of his work when working plants are on the market, and now it seems he is redoubling his efforts to make this happen.

Here are some of his recent statements on the topic:

“Now, waiting for the results of the TIP, we are working very, very hard on the 1 MW plant. All what is happening around makes me extremely focused on it. In mercato veritas.”

“We will give all the due particulars of this industrial application in the USA when we will open the visits to the plant in operation.”

” Now we pass from the testing era to the market era with the 1 MW plants in continuous industrial operation. IN MERCATO VERITAS”

“I am focused on the 1 MW plant, as I said. Only the market will put an end to all the useless chattering around and will vindicate the value of our work, making groundless the accusations based on my past ( see My enemies can libel me, can write and broadcast falsities and accusations regarding facts of my life of 20 years ( twenty years !!!) ago, not related to my work on the LENR, but useful to try to discredit my person, can blackmail me, can do this and other, but one thing they will never able to do: stop the plants that are working with my technology. I have to answer with facts, not words.
The particulars of the plant in operation in the USA will be given to the visitors when we will be able to allow visits to next Customers and allowed persons and will be published in due time.”

I wonder if there is a big push now to get the plant ready for demonstration so it can coincide with the release of the independent report. Having the two events take place (with positive results) either at the same time, or in close succession would be a terrific one-two punch that would be sure to generate interest. It sounds like Andrea Rossi is looking forward to the time when his name will be associated with a significant technological achievement, rather than always being associated with the Petroldragon affair.