A View from Sweden on Response to Sveriges Radio E-Cat Program

Many thanks to ECW reader Nils Erik who posted the following in another thread in response to a reader who asked what the reaction in Sweden has been to the recent Sveriges Radio program that contained many insinuations that Andrea Rossi was a deceiver who had duped gullible Swedish academics into believing in his hoax. I thought this interesting comment was worthy of a post of its own. If there are other Swedes who can provide additional perspective, please feel free to post here!

We give away the Nobel Prize every year in big ceremonies which get lots of attention in our media so we are open minded expecting to hear every year about progress within research.

There has been a lot of feedback from these radio shows. Swedish people love their radio!

You find on Google that many bloggers have picked up on this subject in Sweden and commented on it.
Some positive, some objective and some negative.

Marcus Hansson and his style of journalism have been reported to the government body overseeing radio and tv and he is being critiqued very hard so he is “eating his own medicine” right now.

The Swedish scientists makes a good argument that the way science is performed is through doing scientific experiments and tests.

Many people sympathize with Andrea Rossi because of all the talk about his past and reason that most people deserve a second chance regardless what they might have done in their past.