Rossi: 'Please Do Not Insult My Enemies'

Here’s an interesting comment from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to an unpublished question. I find it interesting not so much because of news about his technology, but because of what it shows about his attitude towards those who are opposed to him and his work.

Walter Gentili:
I did not publish your comment because it insults 3 journalists. I cannot accept insults, even if aimed to my “critics”. As Oscar Wilde said, “I do not agree with them, but I will fight to death to defend their freedom of opinion”. As a matter of fact, it is normal that we have enemies, competitors, critics. What I do not understand is hatred and insults. We are making a scientific work, our work has been tested and is still under exam and R&D and we are waiting for the results, that could be positive or negative, as I always said. All the rest is useless noise and I am exclusively focused on my job, now on the 1 MW plant: if it will work well, we will have a good product, otherwise we will have not. Both possibilities are true. About my past, let me be simple:
1- I have been acquitted from the accusations that made possible my arrest: see
2- indipendently from the point 1: every man who has made mistakes in his past, after he has paid his debt with the justice has the right to be resilient and make up his life. I am working on the LENR now and the facts for which I have been put in jail happened between 1989 and 1995: 20 years ago and have nothing to do with LENR
3- who is without sin can throw the first stone
Please do not insult my enemies: we must not make their same errors.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi

I will just add here that I have a similar philosophy when it comes to insults. On occasion I delete comments here which are personal insults and attacks. I think we can discuss the issues quite well without getting personal.