Rossi Prepares for 1MW Plant Visits

While we wait for the all-important 3rd party report to be published, there’s apparently a parallel track taking place which should help provide important information about the E-Cat to the world. I’m referring to the preparation by Andrea Rossi and Industrial heat for making a 1 MW plant available for observation and inspection by ‘allowed persons’. There has been a bit of discussion about this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently and Rossi has provided a little information about what to expect.

This plant will be a working plant, not a demonstration model. Rossi has said that it is an industrial 1 MW plant housed in the factory of a customer, that it is in continuous operation, and that it is apparently doing useful work for profit. Rossi says that he is not allowed to provide any information beyond that, but that details about the plant will be released and made available for visitors.

As far as when this plant will be able to be visited, Rossi has said:

“We will communicate the date of the opening of the visits in due time: I want not to give now a date, because this topic is very delicate, and if I give a date I must be sure of it. But a date will be given, for sure. I am working now only focused on this !!!”

I will say that I have been given assurances in response to a request that I will be on the list of invitees, and hopefully will be an early visitor. To my mind, this development will be as important as the publication of the 3rd party report. While the observation of a plant in action does not provide the same type of information that can be gathered by testing an E-Cat in a controlled environment over time, being able to see the plant in operation in an industrial setting is very important.

The fact that the plant is being used by a customer to do actual work is important, too. I’m hoping that the customer will be able to share data regarding energy usage, costs, savings, performance, etc. That would be very significant information for the public and press — and highly useful for Industrial Heat as they begin to market the E-Cat.

So far there is no information about the timing of this event, or location. My guess is that it will be somewhere close to IH Headquarters — perhaps in the North Carolina Research Triangle area, but I suppose the customer could be anywhere.