Simeon Hein on Cold Fusion Being Real (Video)

Thanks to Pelgrim108 for bringing my attention to this newly produced video by Simeon Hein about cold fusion. I’ve actually never heard of Simeon Hein before, but he is apparently quiet well known in the field of what some might call ‘fringe’ science. He covers topics like crop circles, remote viewing, UFOs, the ‘Fractal Multiverse’, etc. Now he seems to be quite excited about cold fusion. He says he has become convinced of the reality of cold fusion after attending a meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in San Francisco earlier this month.

He said he was fascinated by a presentation by Dr. Vittorio Violante who works for the Italian energy institute ENEA which has convinced him of the reality of cold fusion. His video report is below.

There’s no mention in this video of the E-Cat, or of any kind of nickel-hydrogen LENR — and that probably reflects the lecture that was given by Vittorio Violante. He mentions only the palladium-deuterium strain of cold fusion that Pons and Fleischmann worked with. Hein sees resonance being an essential element in the universe, and was interested in the role that resonance plays in cold fusion as described by Violante, who says the crystalline shape of the materials is critical to the production of energy in these devices.

I’m not expecting this video to have much influence with mainstream media or science, mainly because Hein deals with many topics outside of what the mainstream considers legitimate. However, I notice that he has almost 3000 YouTube subscribers which might get some more people interested in the topic.