'Discrete Breathers' in LENR (New Paper)

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for referencing a new paper published on Arxiv.org written by Vladimir Dubinko of the NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology,in Ukraine.

The paper proposes a theoretical explanation for what is occurring in low energy nuclear reactions — and Dubinko introduces a term (new to me) of ‘discrete breathers’ (DBs) to describe ‘large amplitude anharmonic lattice vibrations’.

Dubinko summarizes his theory in the conclusion of the paper:

A new mechanism of LENR in solids is proposed, in which DBs play the role of a catalyzer via extreme dynamic closing of adjacent H/D atoms required for the tunneling through the Coulomb barrier. DBs have been shown to arise either via thermal activation at elevated temperatures or via knocking atoms out of equilibrium positions under non-equilibrium gas loading conditions, employed under radiolysis or plasma deposition methods.

The present mechanism explains all the salient LENR requirements: (i, ii) long initiation time and high loading of D within the Pd lattice as preconditioning needed to prepare small PdD crystals, in which DBs can be excited, and (iii, iv) the triggering by D flux or electric current, which facilitates the DB creation by the input energy transformed into the lattice vibrations.

It’s good to see a new paper on LENR find its way into Arxiv.org. Personally I don’t feel at all qualified to comment on the value of this theory — but interestingly Andrea Rossi (who I certainly feel is qualified) made a comment about it today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Andreas posted a link to the article there, and Rossi commented:

Andreas Moraitis:
The physics of the so called breathers are very interesting. Good paper, thank you for citing it to our Readers.
Warm Regards,

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