Update from the MFMP on New Experiment and a Prize Awarded

I received the following update via email from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project which I thought would be of interest to E-Cat World readers:

Hi all,
Just a quick note to say that a live dummy experiment has been started in Minnesota and right when we started to get to the kind of temperatures we would expect a Celani wire to “load” at, we have seen the pressure rise turn to a drop even as the cell temperature continues to rise.
We are going to hold the cell in this range until it levels off and the edge up the power. You can comment on the experiment here:
and follow the live data here:
click on the “view” button on the left hand side for “Powder Calorimeter 1″
NOTE: This is NOT with the 10 nm QSI Nano powder as tested by Dr. Brian S. Ahern, this is with some old, comparatively cheap powder HUG had laying around well outside the size range that Brian identified and tested. It was decided to test with this to begin with.

Happy watching
MFMP Facilitators
Also, there’s a post on the MFMP’s quantumheat.org web site announcing that MFMP team member Mathieu Valat has been awarded a share in the Antonio Meneghetti, Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation’s physics prize for his contributions in the area of Live Open Science that the MFMP is following in their LENR research.

Mathieu was awarded around $10,000 which will help him continue his research operations in his lab in France in the coming year. Congratulations to Mathieu and the MFMP team!

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