1 MW E-Cat Plant Installation Underway 'Matter of Money, Not of Science'

While many people are focusing on the outcome of the long-term e-cat testing, it seems that Andrea Rossi has got plenty on his plate to keep him occupied. Today in a post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Ross has made his most detailed explanation to date what he is involved with now in the preparation of a 1 MW plant for commercial activity:

Piero Mongioj:
At the moment I am working focused exclusively on the 1 MW plant we are installing in the factory of the Customer . The work is advancing along our scheduling, some problems emerged, but I cannot give any specific information; in due time, I think within 2014, visits to this plant in operation will be allowed, unless problems will emerge. This time we are not preparing a test or a demo, the 1 MW plant is going to work along a production line in a factory to lower the production costs of the Customers. The target is: ” to increase the profits of the Customer by means of the E-Cat”, indipendently from any other consideration. It is a matter of money, not of science and our Customer is a Corporation, not a scientific institute, so now we are working in a different context that is at the first step toward an industrialization of the product. The expectancies of the Customer can be either met or not, which means that the results, under the economical point of view, can respect the guarantees or not: we have to see it in the reality, because, as we well know, ” IN MERCATU VERITAS”.
Warm Regards,

This is really what Rossi has been aiming for ever since he first developed the E-Cat — he has always spoken of putting it to commercial use, not just showing an effect in a laboratory. It’s interesting here that he describes the the 1 MW plant being installed on a production line. To me this indicates this plant may be providing heat for some industrial process, and not generating electricity. My guess is that this first plant will be one of the low-temperature plant, and not a hot cat.

I would imagine Rossi is more comfortable working in this environment than having his products subject to scientific testing by outsiders. In this situation he is hands-on and in control and can put in all the hours he pleases in advancing his work — much better than just sitting around waiting for others to publish a report.

If this is a low temperature E-Cat, Rossi has always said in the past that there is a guaranteed performance of COP 6. If he cannot meet this performance goal then contractually the customer can back out.

He says he hopes to complete this work in 2014, but gives no promises. Personally I would not be surprised if that deadline slipped. This is the first ever customer installation; problems have apparently already cropped up, and there will probably be more to deal with. Things of this nature often take more time than is initially projected.

I think this is all good news in terms of E-Cat development. A successful installation would be a monumental milestone for Rossi and a very significant technological breakthrough that would surely be written in history books.

UPDATE: Someone has asked Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about what kind of E-Cat plant will be:

(Translated from the Italian): “Thank you for your thorough answer … Just one last question, if you can … The plant is processing a Hot-cat plant E-cat or a type already shown in Bologna? Thanks again and good luck … (need that, too, is not it?). Best regards, Piero Mongioj”

AR: “We will give in due time the description of it. Substantial evolution happened, though.”