ECW HHO Experiment Scheduled for Coming Week

I had a good discussion with Alan Smith of London-based Leap Forward Laboratory today who informed me that he is preparing to run experiments in the coming week on the HHO system that we had raised funds for on E-Cat World earlier this year. The first attempt to run this experiment resulted in destructive failure when an explosion occurred caused by flashback — ignition of the HHO gas which shot through the tubing (it was not stopped by the ceramic wool) and damaged the electrolyzer.

Alan has rebuilt the system, this time, instead of polycarbonate encased electrolyser, he is using a stainless steel one and he has added a bubbler system which should prevent any flashback from going back through the system and causing damage.

new hho bubbler

For those new to this subject, the purpose of the experiment is to test to see whether there is any difference in the amount of heat produced when HHO gas produced by electrolysis is exposed to a catalyst (section of an automobile catalytic converter), compared to simple combustion of the gas with a naked flame. Alan has built an experimental setup that seems to be fit for purpose, and barring any unforseen circumstances (hope no more explosions), we should have some decent results to look at by the end of next week.

If there is a significant difference between the amount of heat produced in each process then there will be cause for further experimentation. If not, we can probably conclude that there is no type of LENR process involved when HHO is exposed to the catalyst.