Book: "The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction" by Edmund Storms to be released July 7th

Infinite Energy Press has announced the publication of a new book on LENR by Dr. Edmund Storms, a nuclear scientist retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship between Observation and Explanation will be published on July 7th. The publicity material for the book explains that Dr. Storms:

“attempts to bridge the gap between what is thought to be true and possible by conventional scientists and what is claimed by people advocating the reality of the cold fusion phenomenon. In addition, a new explanation is proposed that is consistent with accepted natural law and with all behavior attributed to cold fusion.”

Mike McKubre of SRI International who writes the foreword of the book, is full of praise for Dr. Storms and the book and makes particular note that chapter 5 of the book contains “the first physical science based description of a potential explanation for cold fusion.”

I expect this book will be widely read by current researchers and theoreticians in the field, and I think it could be of interest to people just beginning to pay attention to LENR. The lack of an accepted theoretical basis of LENR has proven to be one of the largest stumbling blocks to the scientific community’s acceptance of it as a valid field of study, and the sooner the underlying phenomenon of LENR is understood the better, from the perspective of research and development. This sounds like an important contribution from Edmund Storms.

The book can be pre-ordered at