Independence! (4th of July Thread)

Here in the United States it’s the 4th of July — Independence day. I’ll be tied up with festivities most of the day, but thought I’d open up a thread on the theme of independence as it pertains to the topic we focus on here.

The way I see it, one of the most important things that LENR has the potential to provide to the human race is independence — in a variety of ways. Here are some that come to mind:

Independence from the grid. This is the hope for many readers here, I know. To be able to meet one’s energy needs without paying the monthly utility bill to the utility company is something that many find very attractive. When storms, earthquakes or other major disasters occur there could be much less disruption.

Financial Independence. I don’t forsee free energy any time soon, but LENR has the potential to lower energy costs for everyone — which would certainly help people become more financially stable. Lower energy costs for producers should enable goods to be produced more cheaply, and this should lower costs of living across the board. I think LENR could be a very important factor in reducing poverty worldwide.

Economic Independence. The above points would seem to indicate that people may be able to enjoy greater economic independence, and be able to follow their own vocations, and develop their own talents, with less dependence on external employment for basic survival. LENR could help unleash creativity and talent in people who currently don’t have the time and opportunity to devote to doing the things they do best and love the most.

Political Independence. If energy can be produced in large quantities using relatively tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen — both cheap and abundant — many nations which now are dependent on other countries exporting energy supplies in the form of gas, oil and coal could now become largely independent in terms of energy production. This could certainly affect the geopolitical balance, and reduce the need for nations lacking in natural resources to be so beholden to countries that may not have their best interest at heart.

On the 4th of July especially, I am reminded that there exists within the hearts of people around the world the desire for freedom from oppression of all kinds. I believe that the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are universal, and wish that they could be enjoyed by all. One reason I am so interested in the subject of LENR is that I believe it is a phenomenon that can help spread the opportunities for greater freedom and independence worldwide. Certainly there are many complexities to deal with as a new form of energy is introduced and problems to deal with — many of them difficult ones. But overall, I think the benefits that LENR energy can bring far outweigh the difficulties that must be dealt with.

On Independence Day in the United States I send my wishes and hopes for greater freedom and opportunity to readers here and around the world!