How Close Might we be?

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today, a reader named Andrew asked a question of Andrea Rossi that I am sure many of us would echo — but maybe not want to ask outright:

Dr Andrea Rossi,
For all of those people that support, believe and cheer for you, why don’t you give back a Little something? Such as some fresh new pictures of the working Plan or the hot Cat or whatever..
That would Not violate your nda anyway

Rossi responded:

We are close to the moment in which abundance of what you are requesting will be poured in this blog and, maybe, somewhere else.
Warm Regards,

I guess the word ‘close’ is as imprecise as the world ‘soon’ — very much open to interpretation. But I think I sense from Rossi a bit more excitement in some of his recent communications. Here’s another comment he made today which is a bit cryptic, but seems to express a measure of confidence and perhaps some defiance:

Happy July 4th and remember that July 4th is not just a barbecue chance, but is maily to remember the fight to get Independence from any oppression. Freedom is not for free, also freedom from the oppression of persons that do not understand a revolution.

I get the feeling that the second half of this year could be an important one in the E-Cat story, where questions can be finally answered and the nature of what we are dealing with can be more clearly understood. In the past Rossi has been sometimes overly optimistic about his projections, so I suppose we should be careful not to get too carried away.