Rossi Comments on Humanitarian Commitment

In Mats Lewan’s book An Impossible Invention there’s an interesting account of how Andrea Rossi, in prison, made a vow to God that if he could bring his E-Cat project to fruition that he would commit on half of his monetary gain for the care of children with cancer whose families were unable to afford treatment.

Rossi also has indicated that Industrial Heat shares his philosophy — one aspect of which he described as being willing to ‘give back the money we earn as much as possible to cure cancer in children in the World’, and I am sure this was a condition of Rossi’s selling his technology.

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Rossi made a statement on this topic:

To the Readers:
There is one thing that disturbs me, that is circulationg in minor blogs that have been reported to me: I am accused not to respect my honour word to spend relevant part of the profits produced by the Rossi Effect for the healthcare of children that cannot afford proper healthcare. I gave my word on this issue, and I always do what I say, even if this will not be trumpeted around.
In due time and in due sites we will give information of this endeavour of us. I am very upset to have to write about this, but, unfortunately, the mother of the imbeciles is always pregnant and we must take care of what pops out.
Andrea Rossi

It seems that Rossi has not forgotten this commitment, and knowing a little of his singlemindedness and determination I fully expect he will carry through with fulfilling this vow.