Defkalion Update

I’d like to thank ECW reader Len Fusioneer for sharing this comment which I thought should be in its own post

I wrote to Defkalion:

Good day,

I am interested in your company’s status and don’t trust the internet to provide accurate information.

I am a LENR researcher and have recently learned of your possible connection with Phonon. I live in Vancouver and wish to contact you and Phonon.

Your Vancouver phone number has been disconnected. Does this mean your company has left Canada? Been dissolved?

thank you

Their response:

Dear Sir,
In response to your email of the 7th July 2014. Firstly we like to thank you for the interest that you have shown in our company and technology.

Please be advised that we are still in Canada and a Canadian company.
We have relocated our office and laboratory.

The reason being that we are at the final stage of completing the
pre-industrial version of our Hyperion Energy source unit. We estimate that this will be done by the end of summer. Once we have completed this stage then we will again open-up for
presentations / demonstrations.

Regarding the co-operation with Phonon from Seattle, we are going to do
Joint venture Application R&D together in the very near future.

Thanking You

Best Regards