Blacklight Power's Randell Mills Interview: Product Deployment 'Very Quickly'

The following was sent by ECW reader optiongeek — edited and expanded by myself.

Sterling Allan recently interviewed Blacklight Power founder Dr. Randall Mills for his Greater Things program on the Rense Radio network. Allan’s summarizing comment: “phenomenally exciting”. According Mills, rapid engineering advancements by multiple partners firms will allow him to deliver his 250kW to 10MW units in industrial quantities ‘very quickly.’ He says they do not expect product deployment will take decades or even years to accomplish.

In the interview, Mills says that after two decades of hitting ‘roadblocks’ and ‘impediments’ which have prevented them from commercialization, they have developed a system using photovoltaic technology that will allow them to start releasing products in the near future. Mills says that BLP has just signed a distribution deal for Canada, and are working on many more deals (he mentions $40 billon in sales).

He says they are working with 3 engineering companies who he says are helping tremendously with getting the BLP sytems ready for the market. He says every major or minor engineering issue ‘has broken in our favor’.
All of the components and subcomponents are either available off the shelf or have an easy path to implementation. Mills quotes his partner firms as saying “this thing was meant to be”, in the sense that all of the engineering challenges seem to have easy technological solutions.

His next public demonstration is scheduled for July 21st and he’s promised it will show even more advancements. He says they will also do private demonstrations in different cities for industries. He also discusses his proposed licensing model (give the device away for free, charge by the watt) and his believe that the units will fundamentally alter the nature of power distribution by obviating the need for an electrical grid. Phenomenally exciting, indeed.

The interview can be heard at this link: