Rossi on Competition: Only Successful Replications — Ikegami-Pettersson, Ahern

There has been some discussion on the Journal of Nuclear Physics over the last couple of days about possible competition for Industrial Heat. Rossi has acknowledged that there is and will be competition, and has mentioned before that IH is expending a lot of time and energy in trying to replicate LENR systems that have patents in the public domain.

Today he made a comment in which he drew a distinction between real competitors and those he considers to be doing ‘clowneries’. And he worries that he will be tainted by the failures of others in the field:

I agree with you, but I am very worried of the wannabe competitors that now are presenting clowneries, like did Defkalion: they are very dangerous, because their failures will spray dirt on our work, as well as defkalion did: our enemies are eager to find another defkocones to say that all LENR world is a clownerie. Therefore I want to say sound and clear: we have replicated all the existing patents and know hows regarding the LENR existing in the world and no one of them has manifested a real heat excess with the following exceptions: Ikegami-Petterson system and Brian Ahern System. These are the only two systems that actually gave us evidence of a heat excess. All the other systems that we have reproduced ( and we have reproduced, with huge investments, all of the systems that have been proposed in all the world in the last 20 years, with particular attention on the experiments made in the last 4 years, that have been analyzed with extreme endeavour) have not given any heat excess evidence. One of them had put in the market a “kit” that has turned out to be a joke. I have to say this to make well clear that any future failure coming from all the burlesque reactors persented recently have nothing to do with our work and has not any right to cite our work as a reference without our explicit permission.
I hope this has been understood sound and clear, because I have been strongly disturbed form all the insults I had to sustain after the fraud of the Defkokones has been put in evidence, even if I had said from the beginning that Defkalion was a fraud. Much before Others have put it in evidence.

It’s interesting that he finds only the Ikegami-Pettersson and Ahern LENR systems to be working among his competitors. In reading Mats Lewan’s book An Impossible Invention, there’s an account of how Rossi, on a visit to Sweden, came across Ikegami’s work (the Japanese professor was working on LENR in Sweden with Dr. Roland Pettersson at Uppsala University), and after studying it he was able to improve the performance of the E-Cat by 30 per cent.

Rossi has previously expressed respect for Brian Ahern’s work. In June 2011, Rossi stated, “Dr Brian Ahern and his team have a strong preparation , and they do not need my help. I believe they will be first in the race to be my competitors in the market.” Recently the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project announced that Ahern would be lending assistance to their team.

Again, Rossi dismisses Defkalion as a fraud, and takes pains here to separate himself as far away as possible from them. Earlier this week we learned that David Daggett of Phonon Energy was planning on working with Defkalion, and had mentioned that he had seen some small-scale tests that convinced him of the legitimacy of LENR (although he did not specify where he had seen those tests).

I am not sure who has offered the LENR ‘kit’ that Rossi mentions in the above post — I don’t recall anyone offering one, but maybe readers here might know who he might be referring to.