Rossi on 1MW E-Cat Plant: 'We are Making a Masterpiece'

Andrea Rossi is effulgent with praise these days when talking about the work he is doing in getting a 1 MW E-Cat plant to be put to work at a customer’s industrial site. A big part of his enthusiasm for this plant seems to stem from the fact that he seems to be delighted with the team he is working with. A few comments recently show the esteem in which he holds his colleagues:

“Our team is making a terrific job. We are making a masterpiece . . .

“I can say this: the 1 MW plant we are working upon has been manufactured in the USA, in the factory of Industrial Heat. It is substantially different from the one we made the test of in Bologna, because during these 2 years I did not sleep too much and because I am working with a top class Team . . .

“In Raleigh area the standard level of employees’ professional background is very high. Every member of our team, whatever his level and profession, has the highest level of professionality one can hope for, from the welder to the engineer. Working with them you feel what means to play in the Majors. When I say that we are making a masterpiece I really mean it.”

The plant Rossi demonstrated in Italy back in October 2011 had some significant problems when it came to be tested by the agent for the military customer. Mats Lewan in An Impossible Invention writes about how at the public testing of the 1MW plant that as the temperature began to rise, some of the reactors were not getting enough water, and steam was entering into pipes where the cooling water was pumped in, causing an imbalance in the water flow. A result, half the reactors had to be shut down and the plant ran at only 500 kW.

The design and building of this plant seems to have been done primarily by Rossi working on his own with some workers — but it sounds that he considers the team he has now far superior to any he has worked with previously.It sounds like he is now surrounded with top quality workers, which must make his life easier. I would guess they will have given substantial input in to the design and construction of this second generation plant. It will be very important to have the plant work without major problems once it is deployed at the customer’s site.

Despite the fact that he describes the plant as a ‘masterpiece’ he continues to remind us that the results if his work could be positive or negative — but I find it hard to conceive of him calling an E-Cat plant that doesn’t work a masterpiece.